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Our Projects

Charity Hub

The concept of creating a hub to provide services to NFP and Charities has been brewing for some time. Cost overruns in charities and potential amalgamations forced by government funding withdrawals and the looming introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in Queensland have provided fertile fodder for such an idea. The hub will provide...

Farmers Card

Across Queensland Northern NSW farmers have been experiencing a 4 year drought. Give Back International has developed a unique prepaid card program where consumers could donate to individual farmers and the funds donated would be applied to a prepaid debit card that could only be spent in the …

Disaster Assist

Across Australia, we face a never ending range of disasters including bush fire, flood, drought, cyclones and numerous natural disasters. Disaster Assist is a program established to quickly respond to these situations by providing Australian's a quick and effective way to get donations into these …

Great Aussie Roast

The Great Aussie Roast program was developed to inspire people to learn more about Australian agriculture while at the same time bringing the family together to enjoy great Australian food.

Give Back Campaign

This program is the future of fundraising. The Give Back Campaign is a Point of Sale fundraising program that has a number of exciting elements to it. Retailers and Etailers around the world are looking for new ways to attract and retain customers/clients. Charities are looking for new income streams and ....

Buy a Bale

Buy a Bale is our most successful fundraising campaign to date. Designed to ask Australians to buy bales of hay for drought effected farmers, Buy a Bale is now recognised as one of Australia's leading drought assistance programs. Over 3 Million has been raised in the first 3 years to provide …